Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean the area before the organizer comes?

It is not mandatory that you do so.

Am I able to help?

We always encourage our clients to be engaged if the process; however, if you prefer the job to be done solely by the organizer your preference will be granted.

How should I prepare?

When planning your day, reserve three hours for your appointment. We recommend you spend some time thinking about how you want the area to function, so you can communicate that to the organizer. Lastly, sit back and relax!  You have taken the biggest step and well on your way to accomplishing your goals.

Will I need to purchase organizational products?

We suggest waiting until after the decluttering stage to best determine what supplies are needed. Organizer Express includes shopping for products in our package pricing. Clients are responsible for the reimbursement cost of products for the exact amount and will receive a receipt detailing the cost.

How do I know how many sessions I need? 

The time it takes to complete a project depends on the size of the space, work needing to be done, how full it is, and the types of items it contains. Other contributing factors are decision-making speed, willingness to remove items(trash/donate), and your energy! For example, a large and fairly cluttered space will generally require more sessions than a smaller, less cluttered space. While the package size is entirely up to you, Organizer Express is better able to assess possible session(s) needed during in-home assessment.

What payment options are accepted?

Cash, Check, PayPal, Debit and Credit Card Payments through Square

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A $45 consultation deposit is required when booking intake assessment. Fee applies to service if booked within 15 days. Payment is due prior to the initiation of hands-on services.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you please give a 24-hour cancellation notice by phone or e-mail. (includes intake assessment and hands-on service) 

What if I'm not happy with my service?

Organizer Express strives to provide the best service to our clients. After the last session, there will be a wrap-up.  We will look through the area and ensure your expectations are met and make adjustments, if needed.  Purchased hours are non-refundable.

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