Getting Your Home Ready to List

Preparing to sell your home can be overwhelming and stressful as there are various components to consider. Working with a Clutter Consultant can make this an easy and efficient process.  The first step is to schedule a Pre-listing Consultation to determine the most important enhancements and needs. We work to stage your home with your own furniture and décor, while making it still comfortable enough to live in until it sells. The goal is to objectively showcase your home in a way that appeals to most buyers. 

Pre-listing Consultation

Pre-listing Consultations start with a full walk-through of your home and yard (please allow 1-2 hours). A complete Home Staging Report will be provided with an easy-to-follow plan of action. Recommendations may include suggestions such as the following: painting, general repairs, decluttering, cleaning, furniture relocation or removal, landscaping improvements, and/or changes to decorations. These recommendations are to identify the steps that need to be taken to stage your home to sell. 

RATE: $160

Next Steps:

Depending on your needs and budget, you can decide how you want to move forward.

DIY Approach: Some homeowners pay for the Pre-listing Consultation and implement the ideas from the Home Staging Report on their own. If you are the “Do It Yourself” type, this may work for you.

Hands-On Service: If you are unable to complete the tasks in the Home Staging Report, Organizer Express offers hands-on services.  Service includes:


  • Declutter surfaces, cabinets, closets

  • De-personalize areas

  • Use primarily home owner's furniture and décor to stage

  • Pre-pack non-necessities

RATE: 3 Hour Sessions are $210

(Package Discounts Available)

As a result...


  • Fewer days on the market

  • Creates a memorable first impression

  • Helps buyers visualize the home’s potential and imagine themselves living there

  • Higher listing price

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