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Our Approach

Clutter Consultant, Amber Snyder, holds a Master of Social Work degree and is licensed in the State of North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Amber focuses her work on meeting clients where they are emotionally and mentally from a person-centered focused approach. With years of practice, Amber understands the stages of change and how leaping fully without preparatory steps can result in a backslide to the cycle of habit.  Amber encourages her clients to start small which creates a working environment to peel back the layers to the root causes.

What to Expect

Clutter Consultant, Amber Snyder, helps her clients organize and prioritize thus creating an anxiety free household.  Amber provides guidance, support, systems, and a fun environment to help you move forward within your organizational goals.

What to expect at your appointment:

  • Client-Focused Service: respect, empathy, no judgement zone, 100% confidentiality

  • Rapport Building: building a bond on the foundation of your needs and your journey

  • Process: Organizing is a process and it takes teamwork (you & organizer) to successfully create a functioning home and system. You will have your own advocate cheering you on and readily available for support.

  • Results: Together, a process will be created to establish and maintain systems ongoing.

Our Process

1.Submit an Inquiry or Book a Free Consultation

If you have a question or are ready to schedule your free phone consultation, please submit a contact form to be contacted within 24-48 hours or call 704.665.7462.

2.Free Phone Consultation

We will discuss the project you have in mind and how Organizer Express can be of service to you.  If you would like to continue, we will schedule an intake assessment for a time & day mutually agreed upon. An invoice will be sent for an intake assessment deposit of $45 (applied to service if booked).

3. Intake Assessment

We will walk through the area(s) you would like tackled and gain an understanding of how to make the area more functional for you. We will then review paperwork, purchase service, and schedule sessions.

4.Implementation of Purchased Service

Organizer will call the day before to confirm scheduled session.  Lastly, we are ready to get started! We will sort through the area, categorize items (donate, toss, or store), and create your personalized organization system. We always encourage our clients to be engaged if the process; however, if you prefer the job to be done solely by the organizer your preference will be granted.


Per the conclusion of the last session, we will look through the area and determine if it meets your expectations.  We will wrap up by reviewing tips to help you maintain the area ongoing.

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